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After my animal started having problems with their health, I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to make things right. I dropped everything, started focusing on making things better, and took them straight to the veterinarian. They were really helpful, and within a few hours we knew exactly what was wrong. It was really cool to see just how much better our pets were behaving after veterinary care, and I knew it was because of our attention to the little things. Check out this blog for fantastic information on veterinary concerns and overall animal wellness. You won't regret it.



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How To Naturally Cure Your Horse's Ulcer

If your horse has been diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, then you know how expensive it can be to treat this condition. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that you can use to cure your horse's gastric ulcer. These remedies are all natural and not harmful to your horse. Here are some of the best home remedies you can use.

Aloe Vera Juice, Slippery Elm and Marshmallows

Aloe vera is a great natural healer. It is known for its ability to heal the lining of horse's stomachs and its ability to repair the digestive tract. Slippery elm has anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it effective at reducing stomach irritation and helping to heal the lining of the stomach. You can combine these two powerful natural remedies to get rid of your horse's ulcer quickly. Mix at least two ounces of aloe vera juice with three teaspoons of slippery elm powder. Administer the treatment to your horse at least three times per day before a meal. If you do not have Slippery elm on hand but have marshmallows, you can mix it in with the aloe vera juice, since marshmallows have the same properties as Slippery elm.

Kombat Boots

Kombat boots is yeast and it is very helpful in increasing the number of good microbes in the stomach of horses. It also has the added benefit of improving horse's hooves. You can use Kombat boots to ward of your horse's ulcer by adding four ounces to their morning and evening meal; this comes up to eight ounces per day.


Papaya is a delicious remedy for stomach ulcers that your horse is sure to appreciate. Papaya contains papain and this is very similar to the enzyme pepsin which is found in the stomach. This makes it very effective at soothing the esophagus and the stomach of horses. Cut up papaya and serve chunks of it to your horse two times per day to help treat ulcers. Papayas are great for preventing ulcers as well, so it should be a regular part of your horse's diet. If papaya is not readily available where you live there are equine products you can purchase which contain papaya.

Natural remedies for treating your horse's ulcer are not hard to find and they will cost you significantly less than medical treatments which sometime have unpleasant side effects. Whichever of the above treatments you choose to use, you are sure to find that your horse's ulcer will be healed naturally. If you have questions, be sure to speak with an equine vet at facilities like Alabama Performance Horse Services.