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Understanding Veterinary Concerns

After my animal started having problems with their health, I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to make things right. I dropped everything, started focusing on making things better, and took them straight to the veterinarian. They were really helpful, and within a few hours we knew exactly what was wrong. It was really cool to see just how much better our pets were behaving after veterinary care, and I knew it was because of our attention to the little things. Check out this blog for fantastic information on veterinary concerns and overall animal wellness. You won't regret it.



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What To Do When Your Cat Won'T Use The Litter Box

Cats typically do a good job of keeping tidy when doing their business. However, not all cats stick with using their litter boxes like they should. If you have a cat that isn't going in the box, consider these potential causes to seek relief.

Consider the Box and Litter

Cats are finicky creatures, and their feelings extend as far as litter boxes and litter. Unfortunately, many litter box and litter varieties are created with the human in mind, not the cat.

For example, hooded litter boxes or hidden litter boxes are considered popular by humans due to their ability to keep unwanted stinkiness at bay. However, cats often feel vulnerable in enclosed litter boxes. Since they can't see what's around them, they may feel that a predator could attack at any moment, and as a result, refuse to use the hooded box.

In addition, scented litters often irritate cats' strong sense of smell. It's possible that the litter you've chosen may be too perfumey for your cat to be willing to use it.

For best results, change out your litter until you find one your cat is willing to use. If you have a hood on your box, try removing it and see if your cat's behavior improves.

Watch Cat Go

Monitoring your cat use the litter box isn't exactly fun, but sometimes it's necessary. If your cat is simply going in inappropriate places, you may have a problem with your cat being territorial or hating their litter box's setup. However, if your cat appears to be urgently needing to go or in pain, there could be another problem.

Kidney disease and bladder problems often cause cats to go inappropriately. If your cat wakes up and immediately urinates in a nearby, inappropriate place, it's a strong sign that they have a health condition and can't hold it in long enough to get to the box. Furthermore, if your cat strains or cries when trying to go, that strongly indicates a health problem like a blockage and you should seek medical assistance immediately.

Consult with Vet

If the above tips don't provide relief, you should consider visiting a vet for a check-up. Your vet may be able to detect something through a physical exam or even a simple blood test that can reveal a potential trigger for your cat's behavior. If their health screening is clean, your vet can provide suggestions, like a pheromone collar that will help to ease any anxiety your cat has that could be keeping them from using their box.

If your cat isn't using the litter box appropriately, don't lash out or get angry. Chances are your cat is trying to tell you something and it's up to you and your vet to find out what the problem is. Contact a clinic, like Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic, for more help.