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Understanding Veterinary Concerns

After my animal started having problems with their health, I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to make things right. I dropped everything, started focusing on making things better, and took them straight to the veterinarian. They were really helpful, and within a few hours we knew exactly what was wrong. It was really cool to see just how much better our pets were behaving after veterinary care, and I knew it was because of our attention to the little things. Check out this blog for fantastic information on veterinary concerns and overall animal wellness. You won't regret it.



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Care For Your Pet Cat After He Has Been Injured By Your Neighbor's Cat

If your pet cat got into a fight with the neighbor's cat and came home with an open flesh wound on his side, you may be concerned about the injury causing severe discomfort or the possibility of the wound becoming infected. Use the tips below to care for your pet and nurse him back to health.

Clean and Treat the Wound

Lay your pet on top of a thick rug or pillow so that the wound is exposed. Use a lamp to assist with increasing visiblity. Fill a shallow basin with warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the water and wring the cloth out before folding the fabric and pressing one side of it lightly against the wound.

Watch your cat as you complete this process, so that you can determine if the damp cloth is causing him to cringe because of the discomfort that he is experiencing. If your pet acts as if he cannot stand the cloth being pressed against the wound, use a clean cloth to lightly dry the wounded area. If the pain doesn't seem to be too much of an issue, add a small amount of an antibiotic ointment to the cloth and wipe the ointment against the wounded area. 

Seek Medical Care

If your pet was in a lot of distress while you were trying to clean the wound, contact a veterinarian for assistance. A veterinary hospital that offers around-the-clock care will provide a veterinarian who will be able to examine, diagnose, and treat your cat. Before transporting your pet to an animal hospital, consult with a veterinarian concerning the manner in which you should carry your pet or how you should stabilize him while he is being transported in your vehicle.

Proper care will ensure that your pet does not become injured even more and that he will be able to remain as comfortable as possible while en route to the hospital. After your pet has been examined and diagnosed, a veterinarian will administer medication or first-aid supplies to aid in your pet's recovery.

Your cat will likely be able to go home if he wasn't injured too badly. Otherwise, your cat may need to stay overnight so that a veterinarian can monitor his condition. When it is time for your pet to head home, receive instructions concerning how to care for your pet and follow the orders exactly as they are written.

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