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Understanding Veterinary Concerns

After my animal started having problems with their health, I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to make things right. I dropped everything, started focusing on making things better, and took them straight to the veterinarian. They were really helpful, and within a few hours we knew exactly what was wrong. It was really cool to see just how much better our pets were behaving after veterinary care, and I knew it was because of our attention to the little things. Check out this blog for fantastic information on veterinary concerns and overall animal wellness. You won't regret it.



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Doing House Renovations? Why You Should Board Your Pet

House renovations can be an exciting process, but they're not so much fun for your pets. Whether you have a cat or a dog, your pet could be left bewildered by house renovations or even made sick by them. Here are three good reasons why you should consider boarding your pet if you're expecting house renovations to begin in the near future.

Keep out of Trouble

Pets are notorious for getting into trouble when they shouldn't, and house renovations are no different. Even if you make an effort to keep your pet closed up in a single room where they can't get near the work that's being done, there's no guarantee that your pet won't find a way out when people are coming and going from the room. To make matters worse, locking your pet up in a single room all day while strange noises and smells are being made may make them frantic and fearful.

Taking your pet to a boarding facility will help you to rest easy knowing your pet is being well taken care of and won't be at any risk of getting hurt or in the way.

Noise Risk

Cats and dogs are both extremely sensitive to sound. They both have a stronger sense of hearing than humans do, and as a result, loud noises can be very painful for them. Even if you do keep your pet in an isolated part of the home, the noise will most likely reach them. There's a chance that excessive noise, especially over the course of multiple days or even weeks as some home improvement projects require, could seriously harm your pet's hearing.

Inhalation Risk

Lastly, consider the dust and debris that's produced by home improvement projects. Tiny particles can float through the air to any room of your home, especially if you have central air or central heating. While the people working on your house will be wearing masks and goggles to protect themselves, your pets can't. These particles can potentially make it to their nasal passageways, throats, or even lungs, where they can cause inflammation, irritation, and potentially make your pets sick. This risk is increased even further if your home is old enough to contain asbestos or you're having insulation work done.

Your pet will have a better time during your house renovations if they're taken to a boarding facility rather than being cooped up in your house. Give your pet a break and yourself some peace of mind by leaving them at a safe and affordable boarding facility while you wait for the work on your home to be completed. Contact a service, like Marquette Animal Hospital, for more help.